How We Can Help

CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is a proven, skills-based treatment approach for addressing anxiety, depression, and a wide variety of other clinical issues. CBT emphasizes collaboration between therapist and client and teaches skills directly related to the client’s goals.

We will work with you from our first conversation to determine how to best help you. Typically, after a brief phone consultation, we will schedule a meeting to talk further about your specific questions and concerns and will provide you with diagnostic impressions and an overview of a treatment plan.

For some families with detailed questions about a child or teen, a more comprehensive diagnostic evaluation may be appropriate, which can include a school or home observation. We want to ensure at this initial stage that we are a good fit for ongoing collaboration; if not, we will guide you towards trusted colleagues or programs to better suit your needs.

When treatment has been mutually agreed upon, we will work together to set goals for therapy and suggest a provisional timeframe. We can provide individual therapy, school and parent consultation, behavioral management training, and family therapy.

In addition, we provide workshops on becoming a parent and parenting a young child; we also facilitate supportive and educational groups for new mothers and working mothers.