How We Can Help

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a proven, skills-based treatment approach for addressing anxiety, depression, and a wide variety of other clinical issues. Many therapeutic approaches fall under the “CBT umbrella,” with our focus centering on third-wave CBT approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (pronounced “act” like the verb), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and positive psychology. At their core, all CBT approaches emphasize collaboration between you and your therapist while teaching skills directly related to your goals.

The Before:
We start with a brief phone consultation to answer questions and make sure we’re the right fit for you. Next we schedule a lengthier meeting where we get to know you better, assess your specific areas of concern, and share a roadmap for how treatment can help.

The During:
When treatment has been mutually agreed upon, we will work together to set goals for therapy and suggest a provisional timeframe. Most often, sessions occur weekly for 45-minutes. We start each session by getting the “headlines” of your week, review what went well and where you struggled, and then segue to the heart of the work. This is where we investigate how your thoughts, body and actions interact, and offer you ideas for reshaping those patterns in the week ahead.

Together we monitor progress toward your goals to ensure that we’re on the right trajectory. We sometimes recommend adjunctive support, including marital/family therapy, consultation with a psychiatrist, neuropsychological testing or a skills group.

The After:
Ultimately, our goal is to have you graduate from therapy while actively maintaining the tools you learned. We want you living your best life and feeling empowered as your own wise counsel. When indicated, we offer booster sessions, check-ins or periodic consultation after treatment has ended.